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You will never have a dull moment with this dynamic duo, formed at London's Royal Academy of Music in 1999. Ever since Ann Elkjär (Sweden) and Hee-Won Park (Germany) first started to play together, audiences have been transported by their combined energy and musical intuition, drawn into the union of these two complementary talents. What a treat to experience the intimate and open style of Never a Dull Moment. Contemporary and unique!

"...Duo NAD 's concert in Sunne was impressive, indeed almost overwhelming, in its advanced musical expression and intricately interwoven solos. As the wonderful tones spilled out into the church, the audience sat as if in a trance, utterly spellbound..."

"...In a nutshell 'Never a dull moment' is; ancient music played by young and gifted musicians that sparkles and gives you a hint of spring in a deserted midwinter landscape..."


site: unterdruck   photographs: Andriette Bågenholm